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Jekyll Island Chronicles
Volume Two: A Devil's Reach

Jekyll Island Chronicles Volume Two: A Devil's Reach
It is 1920. An attack on New York City was thwarted and thousands of lives were saved, but at a terrible cost. The heroes of The Jekyll Island Chronicles--technologically advanced veterans of the Great War--return in the thrilling middle chapter of the JIC saga. In Volume Two of this alt-history adventure, Peter, Helen, and the rest of Carnegie's "Specials" would like nothing more than to return to normalcy along with the rest of the country--especially after defeating their enemies in Volume One. But internal guilt and the strange disappearance of one of their own threaten to fracture their unity.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, evil is regrouping quickly, focused still on sowing anarchy and destruction. Luigi Galleani and the Zeno cabal reach out from Europe to wreak havoc, divide the enemy, build an army, and capture plans for the world's deadliest weapon. If the anarchists are to be stopped, the tiny group of heroes from Jekyll will need to find new resolve, new resources, and new allies--and do it all before Nikola Tesla's most terrible creation, an unstoppable weapon of death, is unleashed.

"The Jekyll Island Chronicles is a visually delightful world of cool history, fantastic technology, and rich storytelling. There's nothing like it!" --Alan Scott, maker of superheroes, dinosaurs, and creatures for franchise universes, Co-Founder, Legacy Effects

"The Jekyll Island Chronicles can satisfy your curiosity and blow your mind with previously unknown facts, all while entertaining you." -- The Geekian Report
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