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Jekyll Island Chronicles
Volume One: A Machine Age War

Jekyll Island ChroniclesVolume One: A Machine Age War
At the beginning of the 20th century, one-sixth of the world’s wealth vacationed in and around the tiny Georgia island of Jekyll. Captains of Industry like Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Morgan, and Carnegie all called the Jekyll area home. The Jekyll Island Chronicles is a glorious mash-up of history, fantasy, and science-fiction that uses this place of grandeur and elegance as a backdrop. It's a super saga of action, adventure, and alt history taking place between the World Wars: a time of great social, political, and technological upheaval, as well as a time of ingenuity and anarchy. It was a time for some of the most brilliant, and horrible, minds of the 20th century to confront each other. 

The Jekyll Island Chronicles: A Machine Age War is the first in the award-winning trilogy of graphic novels from IDW Publishing. It tells the tale of a fragile world that is being torn apart by those for whom the end of the Great War did not go well. Pitting an anarchist cabal against an original band of 1920's heroes and forces for good, it is a series of part historical fact, part superheroes, and part diesel punk. The Jekyll Island Chronicles spans an age of furious advancement in machine technology while exploring the depth of man’s soul – whether evil or good. 

"The Jekyll Island Chronicles is a thoroughly entertaining and inventive collision of weird history, diesel punk, and pure adrenaline-fueled fun. Give me more!"  -- Jonathan Maberry, NY Times best-selling author, Top Ten Horror Writer, and author of Patient Zero and V Wars.

"An alternative history, steampunk treasure." --Inverse
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